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This page was started to help out very upset homeowners who called asking why the deck had failed that other contractors had built for them. So I went out and took pictures to help them visually understand why their decks built months prior were failing or not built up to the quality building standards that they had hoped for.

As of late, I have gotten so many calls from homeowners with projects that have failed. This page will help you to understand the intricacies of building a new composite or Ipe deck, which is very very different from a redwood deck. Below, you will find what can go wrong and the right way to build a beautiful new deck.

When we used to build only redwood decks, there wasn't such a problem because the top redwood boards are structural, meaning they are very strong. If some of the deck framings below were bad, out of level, warped, or spanned too far, the top structural redwood planks would hold everything together and hide the problems.

Now, because composite and PVC decking is made with plastic, have no structural strength, and mold to the framing, they show anything wrong with the framing and are not forgiving. These decks don't usually fail until months after completion when the wood framing dries out, warps, or bows. The contractor is long gone, leaving an eyesore and very upset homeowners. I am showing a very small sampling here, but it will give you a very good idea of the problems (pictures on the left column) versus what great design and craftsmanship (pictures on the right column) should look like.

On the left column decks that other contractors have built. Fixing problems accounts for 28% of our business.

On the right column are decks that we built. They give great examples of what craftsmanship and design should look like.

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