Masonry Gallery

We are known for our decks and arbors, but we also do a lot of masonry work, including retaining walls, plantar boxes, water features, and storage. Please check out all the pictures on this page. Contact M&M Builders if you have any questions.

Retaining Walls

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We do stone retaining walls and most types of masonry work.

Stone retaining wall

Close up of the retaining wall

Stucco wall with stone Pilaster

We landscaped the side of this hill with goldfines and steps

Interlocking block walls

Interlocking block wall and wood wall

Close up of interlocking retaining wall

Block wall with stone face and cap.

Planter Boxes

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Redwood retaining walls and benches

Close up of planter / retaining wall

We build so many vegetable boxes for gardens.

A simple redwood planter can really add color on your deck

Close up of a very popular vegetable box we built

Larger view of the same popular planter box

Shingled planter box with benches on a trex deck.

Round planter box built into a redwood deck

Close up of a square shingled planter

Storage Solutions

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Redwood storage shed

Front view of another storage shed.

Storage shed out of 1x8 house siding.

Storage under an Ipe deck

Pavers and More