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About M&M Builders

custom decks and arbors los altos hills

What Makes Us Different?


1. I CARE about what I do.

2. I CARE about the customer, what is important to them, their wishes, wants, and how I can combine my ideas and theirs into a great project.

3. I CARE about the process, how we build the project professionally, how we conduct ourselves on the job, and how clean the project is left every night. Our work is a direct reflection of you.

4. I CARE about craftsmanship and the small details that we designed for you and your family's needs. They are not only important to you but to me as well and the sense of pride I get when the job is completed.

5. I CARE when a client has a new, great idea they want to incorporate into a project already in progress. I want to hear it and make it happen.

6. I CARE about the environment and how the materials I use impact it. We don't use old-growth redwood and use synthetic materials whenever possible. All my scrap wood materials are recycled after the job is done.

7. I CARE about people and their lives. You will see me every day with a smile on my face, greeting you and your family. I will be making sure that what we have designed for you is getting implemented correctly and professionally.

8. Lastly, I CARE about building your project the very best I possibly can. I just can not do it any other way, it is as simple as that.

In 1981 M&M Builders open its doors to Silicon Valley. My name is Mark von Dohren and I started M&M Builders with a creative desire to build high-quality woodworking designed to integrate specifically with the landscaping to create something uniquely different. I am a native of the Bay Area and love this place I call home. I am proud of my work and the approach I take toward my business. 

custom decks, custom arbors

I am resolute in my belief that customer service is number one for me. It is the cornerstone of our 27 years of building success. I am from an era where if you hired a contractor, that craftsman knew what he was doing. If you had a question, you would receive a knowledgeable answer.

There were no answering machines telling you to punch in numbers, get switched from recording to recording, be put on hold for 30 minutes, or have some person you don't know give you excuses why they can't help you.

When you call me with a question, a new idea would like a progress report or any other need you may have on your project, you will get me either in person, on my cell phone, or I will call you back promptly.

I am the person you are paying for your job, I understand what that means, and I treat that accordingly. 

Reach out to me today! I'd love to hear from you!

Giving Back


At M&M Builders, I believe in giving back to the community and society for all that I have been blessed with in this life. M&M Builders has donated just shy of $60,000 to local and world charities since its doors have been open. As long as I can create, build, and have a business that has given to me, I will continue to do what I can by doing charity work and donating to charities that I feel are worthwhile. You have my word on that.


Mark von Dohren

Building Greatness Together

I am on the job with my employees every day. I have a mobile office and do the business end while my employees do the building end. We are a team working together to make sure the job gets done right, on schedule, on time, and in a professional manner.

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