Arbor Detail Reference Page

All deck, arbors, trellises, outdoor kitchens, and most landscaping were built by M&M Builders. Whether you're in Los Altos, San Jose, Saratoga, Campbell, or Almaden Valley, contact us for your next deck and arbor project.

This page was created to help you explore the various options for your project.

Arbor End Cut Details

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Redwood arbor built over an outdoor kitchen.

T trellis or T arbor with grey stain

3 layer Redwood arbor unstained with simple Ogee end cuts.

Front yard painted arbor to give the house a little more depth.

A Y brace for an arbor usually required for earthquakes.

Pitched roof style of arbor on a Timbertech deck.

Ogee style end cuts on a painted T arbor.

45% end cuts on a T Arbor at a model home.

White painted arbor end cuts at a model home.

Italian sytle end cuts with large columns

Sometimes a very simple 30% end cut looks perfect.

Redwood arbor with round end cuts and copper lighting.

Painted Large beam 4 layer arbor.

Round cuts on this T Trellis.

More Ogee style end cuts on this painted arbor.

Covered Fiberglass Arbor

Most fiberglass covered arbors are very unattractive because you see the fiberglass. On our arbors the 2x2s are installed first then the fiberglass. You see very little fiberglass, leaving  a rainproof arbor that is functional and beautiful.

Front view of the arbor. You can't see the fiberglass. It's looks like a wood arbor yet is waterproof.

Shade Patterns

This picture shows the sun shading at noon.

Post Details

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Post detail of trellis

Post detail of arbor

Post boot detail of Arbor

Different Arbor Designs and Styles

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Handmade lattice sytle trellis or arbor

Redwood arbor next to swimming pool.

Swimming pool entry trellis.

Fence and gate with T Trellis over it

Heavy beamed arbor or T trellis.

T Trellis over a Jacuzzi.

Gazebo style arbors at swimming pool.

Italian style heavy beamed arbor.

Painting Process

We prime our arbors with 1 coat of primer, 2 coats of paint, and touch up coat. This one took 32 Gallons. We do it right! Where a lot of arbors will peel and need repainting, ours lasts and lasts.

Large beamed painted arbor. Above is the picture of 32 Gallons of paint and primer it took to do this arbor.

Not enough height to build a standard arbor?

There was no room under the eaves and above the sliding door to build a standard arbor, so we hung the rafters off the main beam using 6x6 cutoffs. Please do not try to do this on your own. If not done exactly right, the joists will fall and serious injury can occur