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All pictures on this website were built by M&M Builders. Approximately 65% were designed by us. Contact us today!

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Deck and arbor

Mark arbor

New deck

Redwood deck

Finished deck

Marjories deck

Trex havana gold
Trex havana gold

Trex deck in Havana gold

Pool deck

Trex deck

Trex deck and painted arbor

I created an outdoor living area that connected the two doors and was level with the home flooring.

My clients wanted jacuzzi with a deck area and some privacy. We created a unique outdoor space.

We created a outdoor living area using Trex Trancends decking with painted arbor for summer fun.

A new stone pathway leading to painted gate and trellis with privacy screen.

A front IPE deck next to pavers to beautify this front home entrance

Designed and built backyard pool, arbor, deck and landscaping. Imagine this in your backyard.

An outdoor deck lounge area built off the slider with cable railing

Where there was no backyard, now there is a 3000 square foot trex deck with plenty of space.

A second story trex Havana Gold deck with trex railing. Also added a main deck with stairs down to the pool.

This trex deck built next to pavers and a painted arbor came out balanced and beautiful.

Designed and built a new living area where there wasn’t one. Trex Trancends decking

The clients though their house wall looked a bit bare. I came up with this arbor to give it some depth.

A Trex Transcends island mist deck with lattice, cable railing and stairs.

Built a Sun deck overhanging the pool with small fireplace trellis for summer fun.

A white painted arbor on columns creating an outdoor kitchen area.

A close up of a Trex transcends spiced rum deck and railing. It mimics south American IPE.

A outdoor arbor that gives not only shade but beauty to the yard.

I created an outdoor living area that connected the two doors and was level with the home flooring.

I wanted to design an outdoor area with a jacuzzi, decking and patio cover. The clients just loved it.